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In June 1972 two young Americans who had just made a documentary about Americans who had deserted the Vietnam and fled form Japan to Sweden were inspired by Brian Jones and his iconic LP Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka. Jones had died in 1969 but the other members of the band he founded, The Rolling Stones, had released his LP of recording of  The Master Musician of Joujouka on their own label , Rolling Stones Records via Atlantic Records in September 1971. John Anthony and Arnold Sthal arrived in Tangier seeking the Master in June 1972. They soon met up with Mohamed Hamri who had arranged the Jones recordings and had introduced eveyone form William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Paul Bowles, Timothy Leary and Brian to the village between 1951 and 1969. Hamri intorduced the film makers to Brion Gysin and it was arranged that they would visit the village and make a film.

Berdoz leads prayer

Title board fo the original Tribe Ahl Serif  film 1972
Title board fo the original Tribe Ahl Serif film 1972

Berdouz and masters

Filmed on colour 16mm in June 1972 this film is the earliest known moving images with sound of the Master Musicians of Joujouka  classic line-up who recorded with Brian Jones and just 7 moths later, in Jan 1973 with Ornette Coleman for his Dancing in my Head LP.Tribe Ahl Serif was lost for nearly 50 years. In 2011 filmaker John Anthony contacted the Master’s management and a restoration project ensued. The extant film was 17 mins long but with careful restoration and an appraisal of outtakes  and advice a further section featuring the boys of the village, including the current leader of the Masters Musicians Ahmed Attar, dancing as Crazy Aisha was added.   John reedited a longer version of the film which stands at 24 mins. John Anthony passed away in August 2014 and this film is the last he worked on. This numbered limited edition of 200 copies will feature both versions of the film.

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