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The Master Musicians of Joujouka and The Orb Japan Tour 2020

Frue presents The Master Musicians of Joujouka, returning to Japan for the first time since 2017, on tour in collaboration with The Orb.

The Master Musicians of Joujouka continue their collaboration with The Orb, debuted at last year’s Dior Cruise Show 2020 in Marrakesh, combining ancient Sufi trance music from Morocco with electronic soundscapes created by the UK-based architects of ambient house

Master Musicians of Joujouka and the Orb

Japan 2020 Tour Dates:

31 October – 1 November

Festival De Frue 2020

Tsumagoi Resort Ayanosato

Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture


3 November

WWWX Shibuya




At Frue Festival the Master Musicians of Joujouka will perform a set with The Orb, in addition to a late night acoustic show in a bespoke outdoor tent set to recreate the vibe of the Master Musicians’ annual summer festival at their village in Joujouka, in the Ahl Srif mountains of Morocco.

Watch: Master Musicians of Joujouka v The Orb live Dior Cruise Show 2020

Watch: Master Musicians of Joujouka Live Over Japan 2017

Tickets for both events go on sale on 26 January. Full tour information and booking here:


More details soon!