Major UK feature on Master Musicians of Joujouka festival by Paul Trynka

Former editor of Mojo and Q and definitive biographer of Bowie, Iggy Pop and now, Brian Jones, Paul Trynka on the Master Musicians of Joujouka today:

“From the first beat the music is arresting, melodies carried by seven or eight rhaita, oboe-like pipes – the pipes of Pan – flanked by five or six drummers playing tbel, primitive military-style drums. Pipers play a call and response; over the next five or six hours, then three successive nights, I hear hundreds of melodies, some surely blues or folk, some impossibly alien, while the drums boom out relentlessly hypnotic polyrhythms. The volume is overwhelming – your ears ring, your brain shakes, your teeth rattle. I’ve lost all consciousness of time, when suddenly a new energy fills the air – a goat-skinned apparition leaps on stage and the pipes distort into a rush of noise, like a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo. Bou Jeloud dances across the tent, shaking his hips in front of the musicians, who sweat with the intensity of their work.”

Read the full article here:

Morocco: Follow the sound of the Beats by Paul Trynka

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