Live In Paris producer and Master Musicians of Joujouka manager Frank Rynne interviewed by Monolithic Undertow author Harry Sword for The Quietus

 Master Musicians of Joujouka in their village by Maki Kita

Interview with Live In Paris producer Frank Rynne on working with the Master Musicians of Joujouka published on The Quietus.

The feature interview with Frank Rynne, published on The Quietus, explores in depth the challenges of recording the powerful new album Live In Paris and how the Master Musicians of Joujouka became only the second group ever to inspire a stage invasion at the Centre Pompidou.

Frank Rynne, who has worked with the Master Musicians of Joujouka for the last three decades, is interviewed by Harry Sword – author of the recently published Monolithic Undertow: In Search Of Sonic Oblivion (White Rabbit Books).

“This is the first time that the weight – not to mention the searing, face-melting volume of the Masters – has been captured,” writes Sword on the new Live In Paris album.

Recalling the concert at Centre Pompidou, Rynne said: “Everyone was on their feet in the hall and by the end we had about 50 to 60 people on the stage. And the only two bands who have ever done that to the Pompidou were Suicide in the late 1970s and the Masters in 2016!”

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Live In Paris available now on Unlistenable Records