Farewell to our friend Anita Pallenberg

Anita Pallenberg in Joujouka July 20008 as guest of honor at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival, Photo by Jill Furmanovsky. All Rights reserved

Anita Pallenberg in Joujouka July 2008 as guest of honor at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th AnniversaryFestival, Photo by Jill Furmanovsky/www.rckarchive.com All Rights reserved

The Master Musicans of Joujouka and their manager Frank Rynne would like to offer sincere condolences to the family and friends of Anita Pallenberg.

According to manager Frank Rynne :

I was a friend of Anita’s from the early 1990s. In 2008 she accepted our invitation to come to Joujouka to honor Brian Jones. She came with her lifelong friend John Dunbar who was another old friend of Brian’s. It was a healing journey for her and her first visit to Morocco since 1967.She stayed in the room Brian Jones had stayed in and adapted to the frugal conditions instantly. We discussed Brian, the blues, love and life for more for a week. She said Brian must have liked Joujouka so much because “He was pure and they are pure”. Joujouka brought her peace.

 I respected Anita for her direct honesty, her deep insights and her sense of humor. She was a sensitive, honest, and super talented artist, actor and much more  whose cultural impact goes a lot further than her influence on the Rolling Stones.She was class and she was art.

Mark Paytress who was also on the trip commented on hearing of her death stated :

I think she found great peace and inspiration in those hills.

Photographer Jill Furmanovsky  said ;

She was a person once met never forgotten. I remember how much she enjoyed being in Joujouka – doing her drawings and thawing out as the music and good vibes got to her.

Ahmed El Attar leader of the Master Musician of Joujouka  and said :

She was a friend of Brian Jones and we welcomed her and shared our music and village for 5 days. She was a noble woman and everyone was inspired by her. We wish her to be at peace with Allah.

Jarvis Cocker Wireless Nights binaural recordings Master Musicians of Joujouka BBC Radio 4 (photos)

JC binaural

Jarvis Cocker in recording the Master Musicians of Joujouka binaurally 7 Jan 2017 for BBC radio 4 Wireless Nights Photo all rights Neil McCarthy


Jarvis Cocker of Pulp returns to BBC Radio 4 with his award winning series Wireless Nights on 13 March at 23.00 with a broadcast from Joujouka.  Jarvis recorded the Master Musicians of Joujouka binaurally for the latest show and the BBC recommends listening with headphones for maximum effect. The show was produced by Neil McCarty who also produced and presented the 2000 BBC World Service/ Radio 4 programme “Return to Joujouka” which was updated to co-inside with the 2011 headline show at Glastonbury Festival by Master Musicians of Joujouka. and where the Masters saw Pulp perform. The Masters Musicians and Jarvis finally met in Sept 2016 during rehearsals for the Masters sold out show at Centre Pompidou, Paris.

The Guardian’s  recommends the Wireless Nights “Joujouka” as the best on radio in the UK this week.

“The best sound of the week is captured by Jarvis Cocker’s microphone as he sits in the midst of the Master Musicians of Joujouka while they limber up for one of their nocturnal performances in their small village in the Rif Mountains of Morocco. I’m never entirely sure what the term binaural sound denotes but that’s apparently the way this Wireless Nights (Monday, 11pm, Radio 4) was recorded. Nowadays, people are walking the street wearing headphones costing as much as most people used to spend on home hi-fi and here’s one programme that should give them a good workout.” The Guardian 11 March 2017

JC sanctuary

Jarvis Cocker at the Santuary of Sidi Ahmed Sheich,. Joujouka 2017 photo all rights Neil McCarthy


You can catch the show on the BBC website or on podcast after the broadcast on this Jarvis Cocker, Wireless Nights”Joujouka” with Master Musicians of Joujouka from 13 March 2017 23.00 and on podcast

Jarvis Cocker with Master Musicians of Joujouka photo Neil McCarthy all rights reserved

Jarvis Cocker with Master Musicians of Joujouka photo Neil McCarthy all rights reserved

Booking for this years Master Musicans of Joujouka Festival (30 Jun -2 July …drop-off morning 3 July) is available on this site http://www.joujouka.org/