Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival June 2019 Photos

The Master Musicians of Joujouka would like to thank everyone who visited the village to attend the festival last weekend and made the 12th annual event a special occasion. We hope to see you again, insha’allah. Photography from the Master Musicians of Joujouka festival 21st to 23rd June by Syd Howells (all rights reserved). The Master Musicians Of Joujouka host a second festival in the village this summer in memory of Brian Jones on the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones lead guitarist and founder’s death on 3rd July 1969. A Requiem For Brian Jones will be held in Joujouka, Morocco from […]

The Master Musicians of Joujouka Remember Brian Jones 50 Years Gone Today

The Master Musicians of Joujouka this weekend host a festival in Joujouka in memory of The Rolling Stones founder and lead guitarist Brian Jones on the 50th anniversary of his death on 3rd July 1969. Brian Jones (28 February 1942 – 3 July 1969) visited Joujouka in 1968 and recorded the LP Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka (released on Rolling Stones Records, 1971). In his liner notes for the LP Jones said: “I don’t know if I have the stamina to endure the incredible strain of the festival. “What exists here is a specially chosen representation of the […]

Contact telephone numbers for Master Musicians of Joujouka Festivals 2019

For those attending the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 21-23 June and 5-7 July 2019 please note the following contact telephone numbers for organisation/transport and any other queries 0033667541483 (use Whats app) and Maroc local 0624604921 and from an overseas phone +212 624604921. *Update New contact telephone numbers for 5-7 July Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival – A Requiem for Brian Jones Please note if you are attending Master Musicians of Joujouka Requiem for Brain Jones this weekend the Moroccan contact number has changed to +212 6 22 06 94 19.You can also use WhatApp to contact 0033667541483. by