Master Musicians of Joujouka headline at Villa Medici Rome 6 June

The Master Musicians of Joujouka are proud to announce that they will headline Villa Aperta 2013 IV edition at Villa Medici in Rome on June 6th 2013. The festival is organised by the French Academy in Rome. Villa Medici is a 16th century palace and gardens and  since 1803 it has been the French cultural centre in Rome. The show will take place in the grounds of the historic palace. Tickets are limited and booking is open now at: You can book online Tickets are  16.80 euros online or 15 euros in person at the Villa Medici box office. This is the first visit of the Master […]


日本の古き友人、そして新しい友人のみなさんに、モロッコのマスター・ミュージシャンズ・オブ・ジュジュカからお礼を申します。私たちに会いにジュジュカへ来てください。現在、今年のフェスティバルの予約を受け付けています。残りの枠は、あと20人です。 by