Last remaining tickets available for Master Musicians of Joujouka festival booking now

Joujouka 23 will take place in Morocco from 2-4 June 2023.

The last few remaining tickets for the Master Musicians of Joujouka annual Festival in their village, with capacity limited to 50 places, are available now.

The festival begins on Friday, 2nd June 2023 with pick up at the nearest city of Ksar El Kebir around noon and with drop-off on the morning of Monday, 5th June back to the train station at Ksar El Kebir.

Ticket price includes pick up at Ksar El Kebir, accommodation, three meals a day and drop-off on 5th June.

Also included is three days and nights of music and a full immersion into the Joujouka experience.

Guests stay with Master Musicians and their families.

Performances are held at the Madrassa of the Master Musicians of Joujouka in their village in the Ahl Srif mountains of Morocco.

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