The Master Musicians of Joujouka announce dates for 2025 festival booking now

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival, May 2024 © Fadel Senna / AFP

Next summer’s festival in the village will be held from 23-25 May.

The Master Musicians of Joujouka have announced their annual festival in the village will return over the weekend 23-25 May 2025.

The three-day festival sees the Master Musicians welcome a limited capacity of up to 50 guests to their village in the Ahl Srif mountains of Morocco and opportunity to witness their ancient sufi trance music.

Visitors stay as guests in the homes of the Master Musicians throughout their stay and ticket price includes all food and drink, plus transport to and from the nearest train station.

Guests make their own way to Ksar El Kebir, around 1 hour drive from Joujouka, and will be dropped off by midday on Monday, 26th May following the festival.

Performances are held at the Madrassa of the Master Musicians of Joujouka in their village.

Following a successful appearance at Glastonbury festival last year, the Master Musicians host two festivals in their village this summer to meet demand.

“Playing trance-inducing music that has existed for centuries, the Master Musicians invite us to rural Morocco to experience it up close – complete with gods in goat skins” – Read report in the Guardian here

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