Master Musicians Of Joujouka Live at Festival De Frue

At the 2017 Festival De Frue in Japan the Master Musicians Of Joujouka played a headline set in the low hills south of Mount Fuji under a Harvest Moon in Taurus. This clip captures part of the 4-hour performance of Sufi trance music with Boujeloud dancing: by

Master Musicians Of Joujouka’s 10th Annual Festival to celebrate 50 years since the visit of Brian Jones

The Master Musicians Of Joujouka’s 10th Annual Festival at their village in Morocco, will next year celebrate 50 years since Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones visited and recorded the Brian Jones Presents The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka album (released on Rolling Stones Records, 1971). Limited spaces for the festival, taking place from 22-24 June 2018, are available here: by

Master Musicians Of Joujouka special on Cashmere Radio

Master Musicians Of Joujouka were recently featured in a special show for Berlin-based online radio station Cashmere Radio. Master Musicians Of Joujouka manager Frank Rynne, spoke to Matty Martinez about the history of the Master Musicians, Morocco, music, community building and ethical issues. The two-hour broadcast for the Zaafran Caravan show included a selection of Joujouka recordings from the last 50 years, with rare tracks and a preview of music from upcoming the Live In Paris album – to be released in 2018. Listen back to the show here: by