Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival June 2019 Photos

Boujeloud at the Master Musicians of Joujouka festival June 2019 – photo by Syd Howells

The Master Musicians of Joujouka would like to thank everyone who visited the village to attend the festival last weekend and made the 12th annual event a special occasion.

We hope to see you again, insha’allah.

Photography from the Master Musicians of Joujouka festival 21st to 23rd June by Syd Howells (all rights reserved).

Ahmed El Attar, group leader of the Master Musicians of Joujouka
Aisha Kandisha and Boujeloud
Tebel players Ahmed Talha, Ehmed El Attar, El Khalil Radi, El Ayachi Guennouni, Mefedel Chlouchi, Mohamed Majdobi
Abdellah Ziyat and Abdesalem El Rrtoubi
El Touhami Talha
Ahmed Talha
Mohamed Mokchan
Mohamed El Hatmi as Boujeloud
Ali Ezouglali and El Touhami Talha lead an afternoon lira session
Ayachi Lahbib, veteran of the Master Musicians of Joujouka tour of Europe 1980 organised by Rikki Stein
Ali Ezouglali
Rhaita players Abdesalem Bata, Mohamed El Attar, Abdellah Ziyat, Abdesalem El Rrtoubi, Mustapha Selmouni, Ali Ezouglali
El Touhami Talha
Abdesalem Bata
Abdellah Ziyat
Master Musicians of Joujouka
Frank Rynne, Manager of the Master Musicians of Joujouka
Shiek Ahmed Talha
Joujouka village at sunset

The Master Musicians Of Joujouka host a second festival in the village this summer in memory of Brian Jones on the 50th anniversary of The Rolling Stones lead guitarist and founder’s death on 3rd July 1969.

A Requiem For Brian Jones will be held in Joujouka, Morocco from Friday, 5th July to Sunday, 7th July 2019.

For more information visit here